Finding a Place to Sit
Keith Valentine, Pages from a travel sketchbook

Biographical note



A precarious place to sit in Forcalquier, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France 1993.


I was born in England, but developed a wish to travel early, the more remote the better.  My first three jobs entailed conducting tourists to Spain, mineral prospecting in northern Canada, and mapping soils in what was then West Pakistan. I eventually made my career as a soil scientist in Canada.

In 1982, while in Spain, I had a very frustrating afternoon trying to photograph the Hall of Lions in the Alhambra when it was crowded with visitors. As a result, to record my next trip, I decided to carry a sketchbook instead of a camera, so I could leave out what I found irrelevant.

So began an adventure that continues to this day, described in my book "Finding a Place to Sit".