Finding a Place to Sit
Keith Valentine, Pages from a travel sketchbook

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Was a pleasure to meet you and your wife at the Allen Sapp Gallery today. Thank you for taking the time to visit our gallery and thank you for the wonderful chat. I am now a fan of your beautiful artwork. Thank you for sharing your artwork with me. Bless you as you travel.
Steve Funkner - 27 Jun 2018
You know those books that make you take a step back and actually think about your approach to life? That's how your book affected me. I love walking, and squeezing in a pint or two in a pub on the way is quite acceptable for a rest stop... But what to do while you drink? I'm such a fan of architecture but can't stand cameras and photos. You've taught me that I have a much better alternative, and strangely I have such vivid memories of the places I have drawn (albeit badly), much better than I normally have! Taking your approach makes me look at things properly. Amazing. Thanks Keith.
Barry Brown - 5 Dec 2017
I am now re-reading some of my favorite pieces in your book and taking in your wonderful sketches. It truly is a beautiful book to own and enjoy again and again to view such interesting parts of the world I probably will never see! Thank you Keith!
Barbara Haddleton - 9 May 2017
The power of art journaling is in doing it! Follow Keith Valentine into very special places where memory, observation, and diary all come together. You'll brim over with enthusiasm for making your own custom memories through the travel journaling process
Mary Ann henderson - 21 Apr 2017
A most unique and interesting way to record ones travels. The illustrations are fantastic and the stories and anecdotes get right to the heart of the people and places visited.
Peter and Liz Testemale - 28 Mar 2017
For anyone interested in travel this is a must read. The text combine with the drawings also make the places covered a must to visit. The drawings say so much more than photographs could ever do. A skill that we are most envious of.
Colin and Jenny Powell - 28 Mar 2017
Fascinating stories, instructive, entertaining, but above all else an inspiration for us all to pick up pen, paints and sketch book and capture our own travel memories. By example, Keith demonstrates how he progressed towards developing his own techniques, and shares with us some wonderful stories about the places and people he met along the way, and all done with enthusiasm and humour. An absolutely delightful book.
Ian Haugh - 23 Mar 2017
Oh to have the skills that Keith shows off in his personal journals. He makes the point and he is correct that pictures are no substitute, even if you think you know how to take quite good images. Two different things, apples and oranges. We have enjoyed his book. Some of it carries over to our own lives, given that we are friends. It takes a special kind of person to complete a project like this. Like lots of things in life starting is easy but finishing is much harder. Congratulations Keith on fulfilling your labor of love, knowing it will have wide appeal to all those who share your values. Good job, as we say to the grandkids these days.
Allan Dodds - 20 Mar 2017
I can't begin to tell you how much I'm enjoying your lovely book. At first sight I was only charmed by your illustrations but in reading it I realize it's so much more. I love the stories behind your sketches and the vastness of your travels is enviable. Your generosity with your knowledge is refreshing. So many artists keep their techniques a closely guarded secret. With your book one feels encouraged to give it a go. I was especially inspired by your inclusion of your very early attempt at drawing and I loved how you included your list of supplies complete with brand names. There's a real sense of who you are in this book and how much you love Bea. It's a heartwarming book.
Beverly Fox - 20 Mar 2017
Keith, this is truly an inspirational book for those of us who would like to keep notes of our trips in other than photographs all the time. You encourage everyone to try and believe in our abilities. It is a reference book for all.
Pat Crossley - 20 Mar 2017
A compact,colourful and inspirational book that redefines the word "sketchy." It instructs and entertains and, in so doing, explores the very essence of what travel is all about.
david dossor - 18 Mar 2017
I could read this book and hear Keith's voice. A good read with illustrations lovely sketches of the places and people he has encountered on his travels. Buy this book. You'll return to it and treasure it for many years.
Merry Hallsor - 17 Mar 2017
When Keith mentioned he was thinking of publishing a book about his travels/sketches I immediately said "Put me on the list for a copy!" Having seen many of Keith's travel sketch books, his talent for detail is inspiring and makes you feel as though you are right there. "Finding a Place to Sit" is an ideal book for anyone who loves to travel and record their experiences with sketches rather than photos.
Annabel Cowie - 17 Mar 2017
What a gem! I have recommended your book to fellow members of Cruiser's Book Club, a group of people who see the world by sailboat. The combination of beautiful sketches and fine travel writing is an inspiration. The book is one of the dearest I have ever owned. I look forward to meeting you at the Granville Island workshop in April.
Stefa Katamay - 14 Mar 2017
Nicely done Keith. Greetings from sunny southern California. Cheers Derek
Derek Holzapfel - 9 Feb 2015
You know that I have always been a big champion of your sketches. I agree that you have really improved over time. Look forward to seeing the book.
Val Habetler - 7 Feb 2015
Great work Keith! Way to see the world!
Kelly Irving - 7 Feb 2015
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