Finding a Place to Sit
Keith Valentine, Pages from a travel sketchbook

Places I sat



Through the years I have sketched in some pretty odd places. Here for your amusement is a selection of photos and the sketches I made while there. I did not always find a seat.


​By the way the title for my book came from a conversation between two Canadian artists in which one said to the other, "The first and most important thing in landscape painting is to find a nice comfortable place to sit"

​There are more details about this in the Preface of my book.



Cape Porpoise, Maine, U.S.A.

Long ago, 1988, a full head of hair, dark beard and a pipe (Photo Cedric Nowell). 


Old stages in Cape Porpoise harbour. I seem to be adding colour on the spot.




Gametrackers Camp, Masai Mara, Kenya

Daniel our driver, he had trouble keeping still, 1995


Not a bad portrait but a little overworked.





David Gentleman's Eleanor Cross mural, Charing Cross underground station, London, 2013

Another precarious spot. The Northern Line platform, Charing Cross tube station, London, about 11.30pm, 2013.

I wanted to find David Gentleman's mural representing the drama of building the original Charing Cross.


Two figures from the 100m long mural. It illustrates the thirteenth-century building sequence from quarrymen to master mason in the construction of Charing Cross, the last in a series of crosses which King Edward I caused to be erected in memory of his wife, Eleanor of Castile. Queen Eleanor had died at Harby, in Nottinghamshire and each cross marked one of the twelve places where her coffin rested during its progress to London (David Gentleman Design, Webb and Skipwith, 2009)